Jeremy Daniels and the Bambles: The Mystery in the Forest

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Will this result in a genius choice of fabulousness … or a complete mess? Only one way to find out. FolkCast - 16 June Also, news on Gobefest, Manchester's celebration of the folk traditions of Eastern Europe. Turn on, tune in, chill out! FolkCast - 19 May So, charge your glasses and say cheers to FolkCast !

Sundance 2016: 13 Breakout Stars to Watch, From Parker Sawyers to Lily-Rose Depp (Photos)

FolkCast - 5 May Their first three albums have now been re-released. FolkCast - 07 April FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music. Our free service to the business of music. FolkCast - 17 Mar We step back from the constant cascade of brand new releases and take a bite — often a second or third bite — from records that are still new but maybe no longer brand spanking new.

The first scuffs are on the sleeve notes. FolkCast Blast - 8 March FolkCast - 3 March We stir the Alphabetti Folketti pan, visit Ireland for an audio controversy, and say 'balls' to a tortoise. FolkCast - 17 February Which letter will the spaghetti pan produce?

FolkCast - 3 February We have a handful of Willies - steady now! Pagan singer-songwriter Damh The Bard aka Dave The Bard, aka Dave Smith has launched a career-defining musical project - a telling of the ancient story cycle called Y Mabinogi, based on the traditional bardic tales contained in the earliest native British writings, The Mabinogion. FolkCast - 20 January Who gives a fox for folk? We do! FolkCast puts out the call for your favourite live performers, the ones who not only play great music but also put on a good show, the ones who go the extra yard, the ones who tell stories, share a joke, and actually engage with the paying punters.

Get in touch by email and tell the world about your favourites. FolkCast - 6 January FolkCast Selection Box. Merry Christmas! FolkCast - 2 December Folkie sisters are doing it for themselves! And the brothers join in the fun, too. FolkCast - 18 Nov FolkCast - 04 Nov All that, and Stories Behind two Songs recorded just for us by the people who wrote them. FolkCast Blast - 28 Oct FolkCast - 21 Oct FolkCast - 07 Oct We sing songs of trees, of gallows trees, of pirates and highwaymen. Not More Songs About Pirates! FolkCast - 23 Sept FolkCast - 2nd Sept Website: www. FolkCast - 19 Aug And a tune with a daft title.

All folkie life is here!

FolkCast - 5 Aug This edition: songs of protest, songs of the outsider and the isolated, songs to stir the spirit and songs of unity. FolkCast - 15 July FolkCast - 1 July Oh, and Yellow Car! FolkCast - 17 Jun The latest releases from the Folkosphere, plus a tribute to Vin Garbutt. FolkCast - 03 Jun Take a spin back down the years to catch up with artists featured in June podcasts past. We hear new music from old favourites, plus brand new music from new friends with the latest releases. FolkCast - May There are songs about racing on the sea, fishing on the sea and coming home from the sea.

In this edition of FolkCast we sing a couple of songs of the merry, merry month of May, we go to Gracelands, we wonder where the time has gone, we visit the court house to hear our brother speak, before not visiting Denver.

The Men of Indie Summer: From Freakish to Infatuated (Photos)

Then we get wild in the country. It could be England, it could Ireland, it could be Wales … or it could be Transylvania! We go on a bug hunt with a flying Yeti and hear an Insanely Mental Instrumental with a mammoth title. And then we break it all down and pack it all away with the final journey of a split screen camper van. Ez van! Fel - Towards the sky 4. FolkCast - April In this edition: we build a railway, lose a lover or two to war, head to the hills, spend the night with drunken sailors, take a bite out of the Big Apple, rant against the modern world, go insane with a tinker, take the last train to Delhi and get lost in France before the whole thing ends in a Fiasco!

This time featuring songs about … hypnotism … a mermaid … a Geordie from outer space … an alewife … two sisters who stitch up a dirty old lord … a witch with a secret … and the secret of a happy life. FolkCast - March Episode Beware!

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Giant squid attack! We're back, baby! The start of a new season and we reveal plans for future FolkCasts. Then we go to the races, go down the mines, take to the ocean, search for passage through the ice and sail the stars. There are daft dogs and dirty dogs and Old Blind Dogs, and we finish in a honking great big mucky lorry! Who dares to say that folk music is boring? FolkCast Festive Selection Box Music, poetry and fun for a very merry Christmas and a blessed Yule! FolkCast Winter Storm A celebration and contemplation for the darkest season. FolkCast - Nov FolkCast's Autumn Crackler FolkCast - August Attention class!

FolkCast - July Out of the tangled mess of politics and world events we present an entertaining mix of music and chat. There's a focus on 'folk concept albums' and 'folk-influenced projects'. We hear from Ken Nicol about his new 'super group'. We dance with the Devil. And we meet 'the King of the 'Draulicers' in his mansion on the crag. FolkCast - June Plus the usual diet of great new music! FolkCast Summer Sizzler Get down Shep! Good evening!

‘Swiss Army Man’ Features Farting, Dead Daniel Radcliffe in Meditation on Mortality

Featuring a Story Behind The Song that is astronomical, geographical and historical! I wonder where dem boidies is? The boid is on the wing!


FolkCast - February The FolkCast Festive Selection Box - bursting with good things for the season of Christmas, Yule and Saturnalia, with specially selected music and readings. Beware the Abbot of Unreason! FolkCast - December The Winter Storm music and readings for the darkest months. Storm Warnings by various meteorologists FolkCast - November This month: A cornucopia of good things, a harvest festival of great music!

Books by David Musick

FolkCast - October Plus the pick of the latest releases, and Story Behind The Song delves into a legend that has been years in the making! FolkCast Autumn Crackler As Summer fades, enjoy the wonders of Autumn with the Crackler! McDonald, Chris J. Can Mineral ; Kojonen, K. The Canadian Mineralogist, 45 5 , Heavy minerals from gold sluicing in Lapland Gold Rush area and their bearing on the origin of gold bearing tills.

Res Terrae, Ser A, N:o Exploration for orogenic gold deposits. Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining Iron oxide-copper-gold and porphyry-Cu deposits in Northern Finland and Sweden.

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The Portimo Layered Igneous Complex - with emphasis on diverse sulphide and platinum-group element deposits. Acta Univ. A, Geology and ore petrology of the Akanvaara and Koitelainen mafic layered intrusion and the Keivitsa- Satovaara layered complex, northern Finland. Geological Survey of Finland. Bulletin , p. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland, Volume 1 , Rompaksen kultatutkimusprojekti.