When God Says No: The Mystery of Suffering and the Dynamics of Prayer

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  2. March 20-22, 2020
  3. Science, the existence of suffering, and God

If you are very busy, think and pray all the more, or your work will wear and weary you, and drag you away from God.

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For your work's sake, break away from it, and give the soul a breathing time. Unless our profession is a lie we love each other, and we must therefore show that love by our prayers for one another. Let us seek grace to become importunate pleaders of a sort that cannot be denied, since their faith overcomes heaven by prayer.

The best worship that we ever render to God is far from perfect.

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Our praises, how faint and feeble they are! Our prayers, how wandering, how wavering they are! When we get nearest to God, how far off we are! When we are most like Him, how greatly unlike Him we are!

March 20-22, 2020

It is the habit of faith, when she is praying, to use pleas. Mere prayer sayers, who do not pray at all, forget to argue with God; but those who prevail bring forth their reasons and their strong arguments. Prayer is good, the habit of prayer is better, but the spirit of prayer is the best of all.

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  • Neglect of prayer makes prayer become hard work. Prayer and praise are the oars by which a man may row his boat into the deep waters of the knowledge of Christ. God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart.

    When you are so weak that you cannot do much more than cry, you coin diamonds with both your eyes. The sweetest prayers God ever hears are the groans and sighs of those who have no hope in anything but his love. In all states of dilemma or of difficulty, prayer is an available source. The ship of prayer may sail through all temptations, doubts and fears, straight up to the throne of God; and though she may be outward bound with only griefs, and groans, and sighs, she shall return freighted with a wealth of blessings!

    We declare that among the most potent means in all the world is prayer. If we would have Him, we must meet in greater numbers; we must pray with greater fervency, we must watch with greater earnestness, and believe with firmer steadfastness. The prayer meeting Men do not pray and supplicate unless they have greater need than this world can satisfy. Let your cares drive you to God.

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    • And God Said No The Mysteries of Suffering and the Dynamics of Prayer.
    • I shall not mind if you have many of them if each one leads you to prayer. If every fret makes you lean more on the Beloved, it will be a benefit. God prefers the prayer of a broken heart to the finest service that ever was performed by priests and choirs. No man hears his pastor preach without deriving some benefit from him, if he has earnestly prayed for him. Prayer is the rustling of the wings of the angels that are on their way bringing us the boons of heaven. Have you heard prayer in your heart? You shall see the angel in your house. When the chariots that bring us blessings rumble, their wheels sound with prayer.

      We hear the prayer in our own spirits; and that prayer becomes the token of the coming blessings.

      March 20-22, 2020

      Even as the cloud foreshadoweth rain, so prayer foreshadoweth the blessing; even as the green blade is the beginning of the harvest, so is prayer the prophecy of the blessing that is about to come. When thou art wrestling, like Jacob with the angel, and art nearly thrown down, ask the Holy Spirit to nerve thine arm. Consider how the Holy Spirit is the chariot-wheel of prayer. Prayer may be the chariot, the desire may draw it forth; but the Spirit is the very wheel whereby it moveth.

      I have now concentrated all my prayers into one, and that one prayer is this, that I may die to self, and live wholly to Him. Keep the altar of private prayer burning. This is the very life of all piety. So deep are our necessities that until we are in heaven we must not cease to pray.

      I am sometimes startled at the power of a feeble prayer to win a speedy answer. He that has prayed for his breakfast values the providence which sent it. Delayed answers to prayer are not only trials of faith; they also give us opportunities to honor God through our steadfast confidence in Him, even when facing the apparent denial of our request.

      Power of Prayer-"When God Says No"

      If thou be a child of God thou wilt as surely pray as a man breathes or as a child cries; thou canst not help it. What a breath of peace cools the forehead of the man who remembers that he may pray, and that prayer is heard in heaven. If, in God's sense of the term, a man really prays we may know of a surety that he has passed from death unto life. Prayer is the lisping of the believing infant, the shout of the fighting believer, the requiem of the dying saint falling asleep in Jesus.

      It is the breath, the watchword, the comfort, the strength, and honor of a Christian. If I neglect prayer for never so short a time, I lose all the spirituality to which I had attained; if I draw no fresh supplies from heaven, the old corn in my granary is soon consumed by the famine which rages in my soul. A true prayer is an inventory of wants, a catalogue of necessities, a revelation of hidden poverty. The habit of private prayer and the constant practice of heart-fellowship with the Most High are the surest indicators of the work of the Holy Spirit upon the heart.

      Our prayer is the shadow of a coming blessing. As "Coming events cast their shadows before them," so, when God is about to bless us, He moves us to pray for that very blessing. When a man does not pray in the Lord's appointed way, nor through Jesus Christ, nor in dependence upon the Holy Spirit, he does not pray at all. However fine his prayer, it is only a splendid sin.

      If you want power in prayer you must have purity in life. To day the world's one and only remedy is the cross. You can never pray an inch beyond the tether of the promise with any assurance of being heard. For my own part, I always feel on sure ground with God when I can quote His own words. I reckon that those prayers which cannot be expressed in language are often the most deep and fervent.

      Persistence in known sin, and especially indulgence in enmity and hatred, are so destructive to prayer that till we are free from them we do not pray. If you feel quite content with your own prayers, permit me to suggest that you do not pray, for few who pray aright are ever content with their own petitions. The confession of sin, the longing for mercy, the groaning for grace—these are the soul and spirit of prayer.


      Science, the existence of suffering, and God

      Much of what is called prayer is the husk, and not the kernel, of prayer. Children of prayer will grow up to be children of praise; mothers who have wept before God for their sons will one day sing a new song over them. Two little words are good for every Christian to learn and to practice— pray and stay. Waiting on the Lord implies both praying and staying. Prayer is the outcome of that sense of need which arises from the new life; a man would not pray to God if he did not feel that he had urgent need of blessings which only the Lord can bestow.

      Real prayer cannot come from men whose characters are contrary to the mind of God. Every prayer is an inverted promise … If God teaches us to pray for any good thing, we may gather by implication the assurance that he means to give it. Unbelieving prayers! Shall I call them prayers?

      Prayers without faith! They are birds without wings, ships without sails, beasts without legs. Prayers that have no faith in Christ are prayers without the blood on them. They are deeds without the signature, without the seal, without the stamp. They are impotent, illegal documents. Ray Stedman. Rodney Stortz.